For two decades, Adam Simpson has combined his passion for the Kingdom of God, the Middle East and Storytelling into one journey.  After a degree in Religious Studies and Mass Communications at Union University and then a Masters degree in Intercultural Studies at Golden Gate Seminary in San Francisco, CA, he then moved his growing family into the Middle East.  He developed a love for the people of Iran after living among Persians for several years working with the International Mission Board,

Over the next few years he setup a media company with the goal of raising the resources to fulfill a vision of reaching the Persian people.  In these years he also worked for companies such as Apple Computer and PBS. He then joined Sat 7 Pars in Cyprus for three years to build a new television studio and to train their Persian production staff.  This led to the beginning of the dream of producing dramatic films in Farsi.   In this ministry, He trained and discipled Persians and produced dramas for television, including a project that won an International Pan Pacific film festival award in 2011.  

In 2013, Adam re-joined i2 ministries to fulfill a common vision for the people of the Middle East.  In addition to his work in producing discipleship media, he is also working to develop creative media aimed at presenting the Gospel to non believers in the Middle East.   Personally he is a husband of 26 years, a father of four children aged 13-24.

In the middle of the Covid pandemic, Adam accepted a call to Pastor Glory of God Christian Fellowship.  He believes that this opportunity we have in Raleigh is a “for such a time as this” moment.  He is excited to see the Lord to combine the previous missional experience in the nations to serve our people in reaching out to our Multi-Ethnic community in the Raleigh area.  He has a passion for discipleship, personal mentorship, life counseling and grilling.  He loves music of all varieties and food of all nations. I would love to arrange a time to share a meal or a coffee at anytime.  Feel free to reach out at: